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Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation Minor


Robotics and Automation

(5 courses, 19-21 credits)

Minor Advisor: M. Rabiee

Robotics and Automation focuses on developing new sensors and controls to achieve a higher level of performance from electro-mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and hybrid robotics devices. Advanced hybrid hardware-software systems now make it possible to design elegant and sophisticated devices whose capabilities far surpass purely mechanical systems.


  • Senior Project I--related to robotics and automation (3 cr)
  • Select from EECE 5001, EECE 5031, ELTN 4011, BME 5001C, AEEM 5012C, AEEM 5013, AEEM 5014C, MECH 5051, MET 5090


  • Senior Project II--related to robotics and automation (3 cr)
  • Select from EECE 5002, EECE 5032, ELTN 4012, BME 5002C, AEEM 5022C, AEEM 5023, AEEM 5024C, MECH 5052, MET 5091

Three required courses:

  • MECH 5131, Introduction to Robotics (3 cr)
  • Controls (3-4 cr): select from EECE 4090, ELTN 4072C, BME 4020C, AEEM 4042, MET 4052/4052L, MECH 4081
  • Instrumentation & Industrial Control (4 cr): select from EECE 5115C, ELTN 4015C

One elective course chosen from:

  • EECE 5117C, Embedded Systems (4 cr)
  • EECE 5138C, Advanced Microsystem Design (4 cr)
  • EECE 5142, Digital Image Processing (3 cr)
  • ELRN 4041C, Data Acquistion and Measurements (3cr)
  • MECH 5132, Robot Control and Design (3 cr)
  • MECH 5136, Robot Vision (3 cr)