Dr. Fred S. Annexstein's
List of courses previously taught


Fall 2009

20-CS-110-002 2009 Intro to CS

09A_20CS110001: (09A) INTRO TO COMP SCIEN (001)


20-CS-668-001    2009 Parallel Computing

09A_20CS668001: (09A) PARALLEL COMPUTING (001)


Spring 2009

20-CS-782-001 2009 Advanced Algorithms II

09S_20CS782001: (09S) ADV ALGORITHMS II (001)


Winter 2009

CS-121-2009  CS1


CS-781-2009  Advanced Algorithms 1


Fall 2008

20-CS110-002 Intro to CS


20-CS-668  Parallel Computing


Spring 2008 Schedule

20 CS 728    Internet Algorithms


Winter 2008

20-CS121-003  CS1


20-CS-472-001   Design and Analysis of Algorithms 2



Fall 2007

20-CS-110-002 Intro to CS


20-CS-668-2007 Parallel Computing


Spring 2007

cs728-2007   Internet Algorithms


Winter 2007

cs121-2007  CS1


Fall 2006


Spring 2006


Winter 2006

ececs121-2006  CS1


Fall 2005




Internet Algorithms


Winter 2005

ececs121-2005   CS1


Fall 2004

ececs742-2004  Distributed Computing

ececs332-2004 Algorithms


Spring 2004

cs728-2004 Internet Algorithms


cs122-2004  CS2


 Winter 2004

20-ECES-121-003    CS1


Fall 2003

20-ECES-742  Parallel and Distributed Computing  


Spring 2003 Quarter teaching schedule:


20-ECES782-001  Advanced Algorithms 2   


  Fall 2002 Quarter

 20 ECES 228 001  Data Structures

Spring 2002 Quarter


20 ECES 690




20-ECES-120: Orientation to Computer Science


20-ECES-121: Computer Science I


20-ECES-122: Computer Science II


20-ECES-690: Special Topics: Internet Algorithms

20-ECES-690: Special Topics: Case Study in Computational Science and Engineering

CS 742: Parallel Algorithms and Architectures

CS 321: Data Structures- Course Materials

CS 323: Programming Languages and Methods-Course Materials

CS 545: Automata and Formal Languages I - Course Materials

CS574: Parallel and Distributed Systems - Course Materials

CS742: Parallel Algorithms and Architectures - Course Materials

CS511: Organization of Programming Languages - Course Materials

CS576: Unix - Course Materials

CS 747: Complexity Theory (20-260-747) Course Materials