IEEE Nano2006 - (Above) a picture of the Museum Center, just a few minutes by bus from the Westin botel

IEEE Nano2006 - Exibit
Chair: John Tucker, Keithley Instruments
Co-Chair: Ken Roenker, ECECS Department, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0030
Tel:(513) 556-4761, Fax:(513) 556-7326, email:

Dates of Exhibit: July 18-19, 2006
Price: $1,000/booth for companies/industries/government labs
$500/booth for universities.
You can either pay by check by attaching the check to the registration form given below
(address where to send the registration is on the form)
or pay by credit card by contacting Andrea Sadlowski at IEEE via email at
to get the information on how to make the credit card payment.
Vendors will be allowed to start mounting their booth on Monday July 17, 2006 starting at noon
and will be allowed to display their material/equipment until noon on Thursday July 20, 2006.

The booth area will consist of a 6 ft long table with a cloth
two chairs, a 10 ft long electrical cable and a power strip for electrical connections.
If more items are needed, they can be selected from the attached EXHIBITOR SERVICE FORM
where a list price of additional items is provided. Exhibitor Service Form
These costs would be additional to the basic fee listed above. Each exhibitor is responsible in contacting the Westin hotel to pay for the additional items needed.
There is room for up to a maximum of 40 exhibitors
The booths will be reserved only after the exhibit fees have been received by the treasurer
Paul Yu, Attn: IEEE Nano 2006, Dept. of ECE, UCSD, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla CA 92093
Please send your check to Paul Yu - Make check payable to IEEE-Nano'2006
together with the Exhibitor Registration Form available below as a Word Document.
If additional equipment is needed besides the minimum listed above,
you MUST also complete the Exhibitor Service Form above and send it with your registration

If you have any question about the exhibit, please contact John Tucker (see coordinates above)
Area available/exhibitor: height: 6-8 feet, length: 6-8 feet, depth: 3-4 feet, depending on location of display
Location: Westin hotel (site of the conference), 21 E Fifth street, Cincinnati, Ohio
For more info about exhibit, please contact John Tucker at (440) 498-2718 or via email at
or Ken Roenker at (513) 556-4761 or vial email at

For your booth, please download the registration form right here
Exhibitor Registration Form

Compelling Reasons for exhibitors to participate

  • Did you know that Ohio ranks 10th in the US as one of the hottest regions for nanotechnology?
  • Ohio's diversity extends from border to border with an array of micro and nanotech research initiatives
    and companies (for example: NASA Glenn Research Center, the US Air Force, the Cleveland Clinic,
    Ohio State University, and Case Western University) all of which are involved in nanoscale research,
    with collaborations on the rise.
  • IEEE-Nano 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the IEEE's leading nanotechnology conference,
    sponsored by the IEEE nanotechnology council, offers you the opportunity to showcase your business,
    your state, or your university to attendees from many prestigious organizations from around the world.

    Who should participate in the exhibit?

  • Mid-West Nanotechnology Companies
  • Companies which supply: Atomic Force Microscopes, Nanoscale Probing Systems, Electrical Characterization
    and Measurements, Scanning Electron Microscope, Scanning Tunneling Microscopes, Focused Ion Beam Manufacturers,
    Nanotech Materials and Devices,...
  • Nanotech Startup Companies
  • Midwestern Universities
  • Nanotechnology Centers of Excellence
  • State Technology Offices
  • Government Research Labs

    Why should you exhibit?

  • Establish and define your position in Nanotechnology
  • Demonstrate your credibility in the nanotechnology market
  • Show your advocation for nanotechnology
  • Introduce your latest products to engineers and scientists from universities, government labs,
    and other companies
  • Meet buyers who, because of time and budget constraints, do not attend other conferences or trade shows
  • Establish industry contacts
  • Network with other exhibitors during the show and do business with them after the show
    and seek out potential business alliances
  • Get in on the ground floor with engineers who are working
    on the next generation of components and devices
  • Network with future employee candidates for your organization

    Lists of Confirmed Participants

    Keithley Instruments (Cleveland, Ohio)

    Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology (University of Cincinnati)

    Andeen Hagerling (Cleveland, Ohio)

    CRC Press - Taylor and Francis Group

    Cambridge University Press

    Purdue University Nanohub

    Lake Shore Cryotronics

    Clean Technologies International Corporation, Cincinnati

    Air Force Research Laboratory/Materials and Manufacturing Directorate

    Agilent Technologies, CA

    Institute of Engineering and Technology