IEEE Nano2006 - (Above) a picture of Music Hall in Downtown Cincinnati

IEEE Nano2006 - List of Short Courses (tentitative titles)
Chair: Jean-Pierre Leburton
Beckman Institute, 405 N. Mathews Avenue, University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois, IL 61801, USA
Tel:(217) 333-6813, Fax:(219) 244-4333, email:

Date of short courses: Monday July 17, 2006
Location: Westin hotel (site of the conference), 21 E Fifth street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Price: $150 per person (only $75 for student)
Short courses may be cancelled if there are less than 10 participants.
Each participant will be allowed to take 2 short courses for the price of one.
We will try to schedule the short courses so as to avoid overlap pending the selection of the participants.
A brief outline of the different short courses is given below

Three short courses will be scheduled from 9.A.M-noon, the other three from 1p.m-4p.m.
Four short courses were cancelled because the number of people registered for these courses was less than 10 at the time of the early registration deadline.
You can still register for the other 6 short courses which will be kept on the program.
The selection of which short courses will be offered in the morning and afternoon sessions will be made closer to the meeting deadline as we get the list of registrants and their selection of the two short courses they wish to attend.
  • (1) S. Datta and M.S. Lundstrom, Purdue University
    "Nanoelectronics: Physics and Simulation".

  • (2) D. Deppe, University Texas, Austin
    "Nanophotonics Devices Physics and Technology".

  • (3) M. Dutta and M. Stroscio, UIC, Chicago
    "Integrating Nanoelectronics and Biology".

  • (4) T. Fukuda, Nagoya University (Japan)
    "Nanorobotics". (This course has been cancelled).

  • (5) D. Lockwood, National Research Council - Ottawa (Canada)
    "Self-assembled growth of semiconductor quantum dots". (This course has been cancelled).

  • (6) J. Lyding, UIUC, Urbana
    "STM-Nanotechnology". (This course has been cancelled).

  • (7) D. Melnikov, UIUC, Urbana
    "Nanostructure Spintronics".

  • (8) M. Meyyappan, NASA Ames Research Center
    "Carbon Nanotube based Nanotechnology".

  • (9) V. Moshchalkov,KUL, Belgium
    "Nano-superconductivity". (This course has been cancelled).

  • (10) M. Yu, UIUC, Urbana
    "NEMS technology".