Dr. Karen C. Davis

Professor, ECE, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, USA



Doctoral Students


1. Satish Venkatesan, 1996, Database Modeling for Electronic Design Automation Environments, awarded ECECS Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1996. Currently employed: Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.


2. Yunsong Zhan, XML-based Data Integration for Application Interoperability, 2002. Currently employed: Application Architect, Cincinnati Insurance Company, Cincinnati, OH.

3. Sandipto Banerjee, Data Warehouse Schema Evolution with Extended Hierarchy Semantics, 2007. Currently employed: Project Manager, Microstrategy, Inc., McLean, VA.

4. Bartley Richardson, A Performance Study of XML Query Optimization Techniques, 2009. Currently employed: Assistant Professor and Department Head, Thomas More College, Computer Information Systems, Crestview Hills, KY.


Masters Students


1. Lun Ye, A Compiler Cooperative Dynamic Memory Management System for C++, 1993.

2. Ron Meade, EasyOpt: A Design Optimization Interface Package, 1994.

3. Rao Seshagiri Kasinadhuni, Design and Performance Issues of Client-Server DBMS Architectures, 1994.

4. Samir Nigam, Transformation-based Semantic Query Optimization for Object-Oriented Databases, 1994.

5. Baskaran Dharmarajan, The Property Map: A Theoretical Foundation and Query Optimization Algorithms, 1997.

6. Mala Rajamani, Reduction and Maintenance of Self-maintainable Views for Data Warehousing, 1997.

7. Veena Pandiri, A Global Framework for Distributed Agent-based Systems, 1997.

8. Radha Ganapathy, Selection of Self-Maintainable Views to Materialize in a Data Warehouse, 1998.

9. Vishal Sheth, Extended Property Maps: An Efficient Access Mechanism for Retrieval from Large Data Sets, 1998.

10. Gayathri Krishnan, Physical Schema Design for Object Databases, 1998.

11. Shobha Ravishankar, Object-Oriented Index Selection and Integration, 1998.

12. Ji Qin, Access Plan Generation for Property Maps and Multidimensional Indexes, 1999.

13. Sujan Turlapaty, Performance Analysis of Self-Maintainable Data Warehousing Algorithms, 1999.

14. Unmi Tina Kang, Path Inherited Dictionary Index (PIDI): An Integrated Object-Oriented Database Index, 2000.

15. Jennifer Grommon-Litton, Heuristic Design Algorithms and Evaluation Methods for Property Maps, 2000.

16. Rajeswari Malladi, Applying Multiple Query Optimization in Mobile Databases, 2001.

17. Xioaming Du, Dynamic Channel and Broadcast Disk Organization in Mobile Databases, 2001.

18. Krishnamoorthy Janakiraman, Entity Identification Using Data Mining Techniques, 2001.

19. Casie Phipps, Migrating an Operational Database Schema to Data Warehouse Schemas, 2002.

20. Ashima Gupta, Performance Comparison of Property Map Indexing and Bitmap Indexing for Data Warehousing, 2002.

21. Sirisha Machiraju, Space Allocation for Materialized Views and Indexes Using Genetic Algorithms, 2002.

22. Ravi Darira, A Design Framework for Property Maps, M.S., 2006.

23. Michael Brant, Binding Hash Technique for XML Query Optimization, M.S., 2006.

24. Janet Rajan, A Framework for Medical Acronym Disambiguation, 2007.

25. Bill Nicholson, Using Model Generation for Data Warehouse Conceptual to Physical Schema Mapping, M.S., 2008.

26. Veena Vaidyanathan, A Metamodeling Approach to Merging Data Warehouse Conceptual Schemas, M.S., 2008.

27. Monali Deshpande, Automating Multiple Schema Generation Using Dimensional Design Patterns, M.S., 2009.