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CHEST 2021 Research Project Abstracts

P1_21: On-Chip and Continuous Monitoring of EM Signals for Secure Microelectronics and its Obfuscation Techniques
Topic Areas: Parasitic EM Signature Obfuscation, New Approaches to Secure On-Shore Microelectronics Design and Manufacturing
Principal investigator: Dr. Rashmi Jha, University of Cincinnati
Co-Principal investigator(s): Dr. Marty Emmert, University of Cincinnati
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The unique parasitic electromagnetic (EM) radiation emanated from Integrated Circuits (IC) has been used for IC fingerprinting. However, currently available tool is costly and IC fingerprinting is performed just one-time offline during the qualification in IC life-cycle. In this approach, there is a possibility that attackers can study the EM spectrum of legitimate IC and mimic it in counterfeited IC which will cause this approach to fail. To address this issue, in this project, we plan to develop on-chip EM sensors by integrating nano-antenna arrays on IC for continuous monitoring of IC during its entire life-cycle. Our on-chip sensor will also be able to detect any EM side-channel attack. Based on this, we will explore various event-driven techniques of obfuscation such as switching between synchronous and asynchronous modes of IC operation. Finally, to maintain assurance, trust, and security during the entire lifecycle of the IC, we also plan to explore various approaches for second order harmonic (2OE) obfuscation in IC to protect it from counterfeiting attacks.