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CHEST 2021 Research Project Abstracts

P2_21: Memometer: Passive and Active Memory PUF-Based Hardware Metering Methodology for Integrated Circuit Supply Chain Security
Topic Areas: Supply Chain Integrity
Principal investigator: Dr. J. M. Emmert, University of Cincinnati
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Counterfeiting, cloning, and identification of integrated circuits (ICs) are increasingly important topics to both government (especially DoD) and commercial industry. We are currently developing Memometer, a low-cost, low-overhead tool to maintain control and accountability of FPGAs, ASICs, and PLDs [1], [2]. Memometer is a passive memory-based hardware metering system that creates fingerprints based on uncommitted memory start-up values (SUVs). A strong physically unclonable function (PUF) is used to create and authenticate fingerprints based on these memory SUVs. Memometer is targeted toward ICs that are IEEE 1149.x compliant, and it can also be leveraged to actively control IC systems.