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CHEST 2020 Research Project Abstracts

P3_21: Synthetic and Natural Benchmarks for Hardware Security and Trust
Topic Areas: Database of updated benchmark designs
Principal investigator: Dr. Ranga R. Vemuri, University of Cincinnati
Co-Principal investigator(s): Dr. J. M. Emmert, University of Cincinnati
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This project proposes the development of effective benchmark suites for hardware security and trust applications to provide the impetus necessary to advance the state-of-the-art tools towards comparative assessment and potential commercialization. While natural benchmarks will be collected, a large number of synthetic benchmarks necessary for meaningful, competitive evaluation of security and trust methods will be generated using a comprehensive methodology towards synthetic benchmark generation and tools proposed in this project. Synthetic benchmarking tools at (1) gate-level, (2) Finite state machine (FSM) level, and (3) Register transfer (RT) level are proposed with adaptations to multiple problems in hardware security and trust. All benchmarks will be characterized using open-source and commercial synthesis tools, all data will be documented, and organized in an on-line searchable database. Applications will be demonstrated for evaluating and benchmarking tools in in multiple topical areas including (1) trojan insertion and detection, (2) logic obfuscation, (3) layout camouflaging, (4) split manufacturing, and (5) side-channel attacks.