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CHEST 2022 Research Project Abstracts

P10_22: Playbook for Stress Testing and Resilience of Semiconductor Supply Chains
Topic Areas: Risk Mitigation; Supply Chain Integrity
Principal investigator: Dr. James H. Lambert, University of Virginia
Co-Principal investigator(s): Dr. Zachary A. Collier, Virginia
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Shortfalls of semiconductor and associated hardware have highlighted existing and future vulnerabilities of industry and the military. Interdependent stressors, including disruptions of raw materials, 5G rollout, workforce reconfigurations, security threats, and surge demands, have cascaded through the supply chains. An enterprise approach should link these and other stressors with potential downstream impacts on the semiconductor supply chains and manufacturer facilities. Stress testing of an input output model of the supply chain would be helpful to characterize the resilience of business plans. For example, given particular combination of stressors, how quickly will the supply chain “bounce back” or even exceed pre-disruption performance levels. This project will demonstrate a framework for stress testing that improves resilience of particular semiconductor and hardware supply chains of CHEST IAB members. The key deliverable is a playbook of countermeasures for current and future supply chain stressors, alone and in combination. A demonstration will describe the impacts and recovery dynamics of critical components of the supply chains. The results will enable the IAB in proactive risk management strategies and procedures to minimize downtime and other business-relevant metrics. Initial testbeds will be chargers of electric vehicles, battery management in renewable and backup power supplies, and energy microgrids.