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CHEST 2022 Research Project Abstracts

P22_22: Automated High-resolution Inspection and Reverse Engineering of Microelectronics Using Laser and Multimodality Microscopy
Topic Areas: Reverse engineering, Counterfeit, overproduction, IP theft detection and deterrence
Principal investigator: Dr. Sina Shahbazmohamadi, University of Connecticut
Co-Principal investigator:Dr. Pouya Tavousi, University of Connecticut
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Inspection and reverse engineering of microelectronics requires acquiring detailed 3D images of these parts. Doing so using nondestructive methods such as X-ray computed tomography (X-ray CT) has resolution limitations. Destructive methods, which work based on consecutive delayering and imaging of the sample, face a tradeoff between throughput and resolution. Using focused ion beam (FIB) for delayering, although high precision, is low throughput. On the other hand, mechanical methods that can offer fast delayering, are low precision and may put the sample integrity at risk. Herein, we propose to use femtosecond laser as the delayering method in combination with multimodality microscopy as the imaging technique for performing rapid 3D imaging. The proposed technique has several advantages. First, it eliminates the 3D image distortion resulting from non-flat layers, that can occur in other methods. It further allows layer height variations to be maintained within a small range. Finally, it enables material characterization based on the processing of material ablation rate at different locations.