Welcome to the Digital Design Environments Laboratory (DDEL) at the University of Cincinnati. Established in 1990, DDEL has been a hub of cutting-edge research in the field of computer-aided design tools and design environments for analog, digital and mixed-signal systems design. In recent years, research at DDEL has focused on improving attack and defense methods in the hardware security and trust domain, with specific focus on Hardware Trojans, Split Manufacturing and Logic Encryption. DDEL has also contributed works on enhancing post-silicon validation using assertion-based and SAT-based techniques.
DDEL research has been funded in part by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA/CSTO and ARPA/ESTO), Wright Labs of the US Air Force, the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), Rome Lab of the US Air Force, and the General Electric Company.


For additional information about DDEL, please email us at ddel@uc.edu or send snail mail to:

Dr. Ranga R. Vemuri

Director, Digital Design Environments Laboratory

ML. 30, University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0030 USA

Phone: (513) 556-4784 or (513) 556-3025

Email: Ranga.Vemuri@uc.edu