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Welcome to the Integrative Biosensing Laboratory!


IBL is a multidisciplinary research laboratory utilizing the cutting edge nanotechnologies and microfabrication techniques with the main focus to develop new bioanalytical tools including highly sensitive micro/nano-scale sensors, actuators and 3D smart scaffolds to foster the fundamental understanding of signaling pathways in regenerative medicine and disease progression. Our work is driven by understanding the biochemical and biophysical properties of cells and extracellular vesicles in controlled microenvironments and the fundamentals of nano/micro-scale device design and performance.

Information and knowledge gained through these studies can be applied to 1) point-of-care diagnostics and drug screening; 2) accelerate the next generation of cell and exosome-based-therapeutic and enable personalized medicine; 3) develop a new class of engineered smart 3D nanofiber scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

IBL is well equipped with ultra-low-noise analytical instrumentation, fluorescent microscopy, and state-of-the-art fabrication technologies. We also have full access to the Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation (OCMI) and ERC Clean Room facility at UC.

Recent News:

  • Congratulations to Leilei and Ankit for their new publication in the journal of Scientific Reports.
  • Congratulations to Professor Esfandiari for receiving the William E. Restemeyer Teaching Excellent Award.
  • Professor Esfandiari has joined the Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM).
  • Congratulations to Ankit for defending his Master's thesis.
  • Congratulations to Ankit and Yuqian for their new critical review published in the journal of Analyst.
  • Professor Esfandiari served as the stream chair in the 2nd Microfluidic Congress.