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About Cincinnati

Information about cincinnati, ohio for visitors and students of University of Cincinnati

About Cincinnati, Ohio

Located on the northern bank of the Ohio River, Cincinnati has long been an important city. Some consider Cincinnati to be the first truly American city because it was the first major inland city in the nation.  Today, the Cincinnati’s Metropolitan Statistical Area is the largest in Ohio and the 27th most populous in the United States. Because of its age and diverse population, Cincinnati has something for everyone. Here is a small sample of the cultural and entertainment resources found in the greater Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati Reds

Sports & Outdoor Activities

Cincinnati is home to a wide array of professional sporting teams and events including:



When it comes to finding something to do, few places can rival Cincinnati for the quality and variety of entertainment options. Some options include:Cincinnati Zoo

  • The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is the second oldest zoo in the USA and is a National Historic Landmark due to its significant architecture. Today it is ranked as one of the best zoos in the nation with one of the largest zoo collections featuring over 500 animal and 3000 plant species.Cincinnati Art Museum
  • Cincinnati Art Museum—one of the oldest art museums in the nation. It features a collection of more than 60,000 works spanning 6,000 years.Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
  • Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra—founded in 1895, the CSO is the 5th oldest orchestra in the US, has been one of the top ranked symphonies since its inception.
  • Cincinnati Museum CenterThe Cincinnati Museum Center, in Union Terminal, is home to the Museum of Natural History & Science, The Cincinnati History Museum, the Duke Energy Children’s Museum, OMNIMAX Theater, the Cincinnati History Library, and more.
  • Cincinnati ParksCincinnati has more green space for people to enjoy than almost any metropolitan city in the world. Visit any of the beautiful parks maintained by Cincinnati or Hamilton County located throughout the greater Cincinnati area for a healthy dose of nature.
  • The Newport Aquarium, located just on the other side of the Ohio River, is an award-winning facility that showcases thousands of creatures from around the world in a million gallons of water.Newport Aquarium
  • Cincinnati is the host city for festivals and special events throughout the year. Check out some of these events at
  • When it comes to dining, the music scene, and just hanging out with friends, Cincinnati has so many more options that it would be impossible to try to list them all here. To learn more about what to do in Cincinnati, visit the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

 Cincinnati skyline

Cincinnati Superlatives

Cincinnati has a long history of excelling in all areas of life. Here is a sample of some of Cincinnati superlatives:

  • The first municipal fire department in America was established in Cincinnati in 1853.
  • In 1870, Cincinnati became the first city in the United States to establish a municipal university—University of Cincinnati.
  • The world’s first reinforced concrete skyscraper, the Ingalls Building, was built in Cincinnati in 1903.
  • The first suspension bridge built by John A. Roebling, completed in 1866. The Brooklyn Bridge, built by Roebling in 1903, is a larger copy of this bridge.
  • First professional baseball team, Cincinnati Red stockings, began in 1869.
  • In 1906, University of Cincinnati became the first university to offer cooperative education (co-op).
  • The oldest Jewish Hospital in the country, opened in 1850, is in Cincinnati.
  • Over-the-Rhine, on the National Register of Historic Places, is the largest, most intact urban historic district in America.
  • Music Hall, home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Opera, is ranked as one of the best performance venues in the world acoustically and is one of the largest symphony concert halls in the world.
  • Cincinnati Union Terminal features the largest half-dome in the Western hemisphere. It also served as the model for the Hall of Justice, headquarters for the Superfriends in the DC Comics universe.
  • WEBN in Cincinnati is the longest running album-oriented rock station in the United States