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April 2013 Newsletter

April 2013 Newsletter


Student Achievements

Congrats to our ACM student group!  ACM won the award for "UC Invents" and it being the "Student Activies Board 2013 Outstanding New Program/Initiative Award". ACM's UC Invents is now an award-winning idea competition!  


Ramesh Nair, was elected to serve on the Global IEEE Committee for handling Student Activities worldwide. This committee is named as the MGA Student Activities Committee (SAC) of IEEE.  


Numerous SECS undergrads were honored as Engineers of the Month at halftime on Feb. 12th.  Congrats to: Adam Lennartz, electrical engineering; Brad Keserich, computer engineering; Amy Reilly, electrical engineering technology;  Adam Wilford, computer engineering.


Way to go! Sustain-a-Watt team: Jason Van Vliet, Rod Ghavami and Andrew Nguyen. The University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO) and NorTech challenged college students to create a clean energy student business plan and compete for $10,000 in the 2013 Ohio Clean Energy Challenge. The UC Sustain-A-Watt team took home First Place in the Facebook Viewers' Choice Award and a $1,500 check.


Graduate students Ananda Banerjee and Nivedita Nivedita  from the BioMicroSystems Lab were both awarded the 2013 UC URC Graduate Student Research Fellowships. This year 200 proposals were received and only 13% were selected.


Research article “Fundamentals of Inertial Focusing in Microchannels” by Ian Papautsky and his student Jian Zhou published in Lab on a Chip journal was amongst the top 5 accessed articles in January 2013.


Faculty Achievements

Chong Ahn, founder of Siloam Biosciences Inc., was a finalist for a 2013 Business Courier Innovation award.


Punit Boolchand chaired a session on "Glassy and Amorphous Systems, including Quasicrystals followed by Epitaxial Growth and structure of Oxides" at the March General Meeting of the American Physical Society , held in Baltimore, MD, March 18-22. His students, K. Gunasekera, S. Chakraborty and S. Ravindren and he contributed 4 papers at the meeting. 


Karen Davis represented SECS at the North Central ASEE Conference in Columbus on 4/6/13.  She presented "There's an App (Camp) for That: Attracting Female High Schoolers to Computing" about the mobile applications zoo-themed residential camp held last summer and planned again for August 2013.


Ali Minai was elected Vice President for Conferences for the International Neural Network Society (INNS). He is already on the society's Board of Governors.


Jason Heikenfeld and Ian Papautsky's work in wearable biosensors underpins a major new industry consortium led by the Flex Tech Alliance and Air Force Research Labs:


SECS pulls in major UC awards, yet again, in 2013!

Andrew Steckl - Distinguished Research Professor.
Jason Heikenfeld - UC Established Entrepreneur Award.
Jason Heikenfeld - Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award.


Andrew Steckl 'papers' the future in a feature article in IEEE Spectrum!  For the full story:  Also in March 2013, Dr. Steckl was named IEEE Life Fellow.


Paul Talaga was awarded the Engineering Tribunal's CEAS Professsor of the Year Award at the CEAS Awards banquet!


Recent Grants

Raj Bhatnager
Sensor-Data Based Prediction System for Spindle Breakdown
TechSolve Inc.
$26,500 - 1/13 - 6/13


Jason Heikenfeld <
Display Technology and Energy Harvesting Technology
Johns Hopkins APL
$65,000 - 4/13 - 9/13


Jason Heikenfeld 
Sweat Collecting Systems and RFID Patch Integration
Air Force Research Labs
$100,000 - 4/13 - 9/13


Andrew Steckl and Giovanni Pauletti (co-PI)
Ultra-Low-Cost Loa Loa Paper Diagnostic Device, 
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
$100,000 (direct costs only)  April 2013-April 2014
Note: The Grand Challenges Explorations a prestigious and extremely competitive world-wide program!


Andrew Steckl
Fluorine-Free Superhydrophobic Surfaces II
RJ Reynolds
$70,000   1/13-12/13


Andrew Steckl
Fiber Electrospinning for Improved Substrate Materials
RJ Reynolds
$72,000   3/13-9/13


Bill Wee
NDE 2D and 3D Data Processing
GE Aviation
$40,000   1/13-12/13



2013 SECS Award Winners


Senior Academic Achievement Awards
Benjamin Zerhusen     Electrical Engineering
Brad Keserich             Computer Engineering
James Moore              Computer Engineering Technology
Amy Reilley               Electrical Engineering Technology


ECET Graduate of the Year

   Dejuan Graham                       BSCET


Herman Schneider Medal Nominee 

   Benjamin Zerhusen                 Electrical Engineering


Professional Practice Recognition Awards
Kyle Craig                               Computer Engineering
Maxwell Thrun                         Electrical Engineering
Justin Best                              Electrical Engineering Technology
James Moore                          Computer Engineering Technology


Outstanding Senior Design Project Awards

   Timothy Bueno, John Hickey, EE
               Intellibrella: The Smart Umbrella

   Justin Best, James Pignatiello, EET

   Kyle Lippert, Robert Pfister, CET
               iOS Based Voice Analysis App for Speech Therapy

   Vinson Butler, EE, Justin Cox, EE, Brittany Smith, CE


Senior Design Project Honorable Mentions

   Rod GhavamiAndrew Nguyen, Jason VanVliet  EE
               PowerGenie by Sustain-A-Watt Energy Solutions

   John Brady, CE,  Kayla Gillman, CS              
               Universal Android Pillow Speaker Board


Captain W.G.H. Finch/ Radio Club of America Award - Provided through the generosity of Mr.& Mrs. C.E. Tholen and the Radio Club of America
         Timothy Bueno
         John Hickey   
         Adam Lennartz


A.Dain Samples/Eta Kappa Nu Award - Provided through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. John Samples and family

         Benjamin Zerhusen             


IEEE Award              

         Robert Riemen


Mantei/Mae Scholarships for Undergraduates
Zakaria Al-Deneh
Robert Cathey
James Charles
Scott Fink
John Gideon
Daniel Griffin
Adam Hauck
Brad Keserich
Wesley Kuryluk
Adam Lennartz
Matthew Nichols
Joseph Puchala
Brian Waring
Adam Wilford
Tyler Witt
Ben Zerhusen
Yue Zhao


2012-2013 Staff Awards for Outstanding Performance & Excellence

Tony Seta


Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award

Dr. Li Shen, “Portable Multiplexed Optical Detection for Point-of-Care”


Outstanding M.S. Thesis Award

Antar Manchada, “A Design Methodology for Differential Power Attach Resistant Circuits”


Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Professor Award

Prof. Philip Wilsey


2012-2012 William H. Middendorf Research Excellence Award        

Prof. Ian Papautsky            


2012-2013  William E. Restemeyer Teaching Excellence Awards                   

Prof. Michael Haas





Big News!

Marc Cahay has just been recognized as a FELLOW of the American Physical Society (APS). The citation for the Fellowship reads: Marc Cahay's work includes seminal contributions to the investigation of space-charge effects on carrier transport through nanoscale device, transport properties of mesoscopic systems, and pioneering experimental and theoretical investigations of spintronics devices using both organic and inorganic materials.

Only 0.05% of the APS membership (>48,000) are Fellows. This is an extremely competitive selection. Marc is already a Fellow of IEEE and ECS. With this new award, he has bridged the area across three disciplines-  EE and Electro-Chemical and Physics.  This is a truly remarkable achievement in which we can all take  pride.  Congratulations Marc, a richly deserved recognition.


Ali Minai, was recently awarded a grant of $1,000,000 from Integrated NSF Support Promoting Interdisciplinary Research and Education (or the INSPIRE award) for his project, “The Hunting of the Spark: A Systematic Study of Natural Creativity in Human Networks.”


Student Achievements

Dippy Aggarwal made UC News headlines on “Green IT” the Theme of UC Research to Be Presented in Baltimore.  Dippy is a UC doctoral student advised by Karen Davis, and is among the top researchers to be featured at a women’s technology conference, as she presents on this emerging new field.


Matt Hagedon, Ph.D. student advised by Jason Heikenfeld, published a paper in the highly regarded journal Nature Communications: “Bright e-Paper by Transport of Ink through a White Electrofluidic Imaging Film,”  This article made UC's top 10 list of most-read news releases for 2012.


Computing Senior Project Ranks in Top 12 Nationally.  In the Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest, Caleb Bluesummers, a computer engineering technology major, and Mark Winterink, an electrical engineering technology major, submitted their Footstrike Monitor senior design project, which won $1,500.


Ramesh Nair, a M.S. student in Computer engineering, was one of the recipients of the IEEE Computer Society Richard E Merwin Scholarship. Only 16 students were awarded this year!;jsessionid=74323f13a5db368f7141fae08ef5


Faculty Achievements

Jason Heikenfeld, recent UC PhD graduate Erik Kreit, and scientists from Marine Biology Lab, Air Force Research Labs, and Army Research Labs, published a paper which was featured on the cover of the highly regarded Journal of the Royal Society Interface: .  The paper titled "Biological versus electronic adaptive coloration: how can one inform the other?" was picked up by numerous news outlets (just google 'Kindle and Cuttlefish') and international radio interviews .


SECS Emeritus Faculty Larry Mazlak's work in computational linguistics continues to be featured in national press, such as the NY Times:


Recent Grants

Jason Heikenfeld with corporate partners HP and Merck Chemicals
GOALI: Bi-Primary Electrokinetic Displays - Electronic Paper with Color Performance Approaching Printed Media
National Science Foundation*
$357,526   10/12-9/15
* this proposal received NSF's highest possible panel rating of 'excellent' 


Art Helmicki and Victor Hunt
Engineering Services for the Ironton-Russell Bridge / PHASE III: Service Monitoring
Ohio Dept. of Transportation
$804,426   5/12-6/18


Ali Minai
INSPIRE: The Hunting of the Spark: A Systematic Study of Natural Creativity in Human Networks
National Science Foundation
$999,722 9/12-8/15


Art Helmicki and Victor Hunt
Skyway Cables
Univ. of Toledo
$200,294   2/12-2/14


Alumni, students, faculty, staff! Please email your recent educational, professional, teaching, and research achievements to Newsletter Updates.