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Sponsor or Connect with Student Organizations

Sponsor or Connect with Student Organizations in computer and electrical engineering and computer science at university of cincinnati, cincinnati, ohio

Sponsor or Connect with Student Organizations

EECS students belong to a variety of active University of Cincinnati chapters of engineering societies which include the following:


Our Organizations our Industry Focused

Because our student organizations are inherently industry-focused, interaction  with members of the industrial community is one of the most meaningful experiences for the student members of these organizations. In addition, these student groups rely on full or partial industry sponsorship of events and daily operating expenses. 

Companies benefit from long-term connections with student organizations. These connections can be created and maintained through sponsorship of groups or group events, interacting directly with the groups by speaking at or hosting meetings, and by making your business open to student contact.

By connecting with student organizations, industries help themselves by fostering the next generation of electrical and computer engineers and technologists and by creating a forum wherein they can promote their companies to a specific, interested audience.

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For more information on how to sponsor or connect with student organizations, please contact .