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EECS Student only scholarships from various donors.


Undergraduate students participating in co-op programs typically do not receive scholarships from CEAS after the freshman year, as their co-op earnings greatly decrease their financial need.  However, we recognize that there may be times when some students may experience a need for additional financial help.

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department occasionally receives donor funding which can be used to assist students in need. These funds are very limited, and may require students to achieve specific GPA requirements, be major-specific, etc., depending on the donor stipulations. These scholarships are typically one-time awards which are intended to provide for an emergency need.

Students may apply for funding assistance by submitting this scholarship request at any time. The application will remain active for one calendar year. If funds are available, they will be provided upon approval of the Scholarship Committee.


The application process is simple just send a Email to Teresa.Hamad@UC.EDU and include the following personal information:

Name: ____________________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________________
Major: ____________________________________________________
GPA: ____________________________________________________
Academic Advisor: ___________________________
Explanation of Need (100 words max.):


Your application will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and you will be given feedback on your application within 2-weeks.


Please send an email to our information line.