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Biomedical Electronics and Computing

Biomedical Electronics and Computing Minor


Biomedical Electronics and Computing

(6 courses, 18-20 credits)

Minor Advisor: M. Cahay

Biomedical Electronics leads to new and innovative biomedical and biochemical instruments and analysis systems for environmental sensing, point-of-care testing, haptics and biosurgery, microfluidics and labs-on-a-chip, and proteomics and genomics. In Biomedical Computing, software and hardware are developed to organize and analyze medical and biological data.

Fall: Senior Project I--conducted as part of MDIEP (3 cr)

Spring: Senior Project II--conducted as part of MDIEP (3 cr)

Two required courses:

  1. BME 3050 Medical Device Design I (3 cr)
  2. PD2030 Inquiry and Innovation (3 cr)

Two elective courses chosen from:

  • EECE 5117 Embedded Systems (4 cr)
  • EECE 5138 CAdvanced Microsystems (4 cr)
  • EECE 5107 Biomedical Microsystems (3 cr)
  • EECE 5108 Fundamentals of MEMS (3 cr)
  • EECE 5178 Biomicrofluidic Systems (3 cr)
  • BME 2050Medical Device Dissection (3 cr)
  • BME 4050C Medical Device Design II (3 cr)