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Computer Science

Computer Science Minor

Computer Science: (20 - 22-Credits)

Minor Advisor: C. Purdy

While all EECS minors are open to any student who meets the prerequisites, the Computer Science minor is particularly appropriate for students in a wide range of disciplines. It does not require the completion of a related senior project. A thorough understanding of computer programming and a familiarity with major computing areas such as software engineering, databases, operating systems, and computer architecture is an asset in fields encompassing engineering, mathematics, the sciences, the social sciences, bioinformatics, or, indeed, almost any discipline represented at the University of Cincinnati.

Required Courses:

Introductory course sequence in programming, data structures, elementary algorithms, and program design.

Select from one of the following course sequences:

  1. CS 1021C, 2028C: Computer Science I, Data Structures 
  2. EECE 1080C, EECE 2080, EECE 4040: Programming for ECE, Engineering Data Structures, Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

Elective Courses:

At least 12 additional credit hours from among available CS courses numbered 2000 or higher (other than self study or senior design) or from the following EECE courses:

  • EECE 3026. Introduction to Computer Architecture & Organization
  • EECE 3093C, Software Engineering and Lab
  • EECE 4029, Operating Systems & Systems Programming
  • EECE 4038C, Embedded System Design
  • EECE 5129, Operating Systems
  • EECE 5136 Intelligent Systems 
  • EECE 5183, Compiler Theory and Practice
These 12 additional credit hours must include at least two of the following courses:
  • CS 3003 Programming Languages 
  • CS 4092 Database Design and Development 
  • CS 4033 AI: Principles and Applications 
  • CS 4065 Network and Cloud Computing 
  • EECE 3093C Software Engineering 
  • EECE 4029 Operating Systems

Restrictions on courses chosen:

No more than 6 credit hours of elective courses can come from courses required for the student’s major(s).

For additional information on this minor contact:

Dr. Carla Purdy, 888 Rhodes, 513.556.1810,