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Senior Design Project

Senior design projects allow computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering technology students to develop experimental and design abilities at University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

senior design projectSenior Design Project

Each senior in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science is expected to successfully complete a two semester (6 credits) senior project. The purpose of the senior project is to allow students to develop individual experimental and design abilities on a reasonable-sized project. Typically, two to four students work as team members on each project. A project can be a research project, a software project, a hardware project, or any combination of these.
senior design project2

If students develop a software or hardware product, they are expected to develop it according to standard engineering lifecycle practices. This means that they should proceed through the following stages in order:

  • Definition and analysis
  • Systems design
  • Detailed design
  • Implementation
  • Prototype testsenior design project3
  • Function test
  • Demonstration and reporting

There is considerable emphasis placed on testing and analyzing the developed product and demonstrating its correct operation during the spring semester of work on the senior design project.

Members of the EECS faculty submit proposals for suggested senior projects each summer. Students may review these project proposals and select a topic of senior design project4interest. The professor submitting the project becomes the students’ project advisor. Students may also come up with their own project, but they must

find a departmental faculty member who is willing to advise them while they work on the project.