Current Projects:

1. Subspace Clustering: This project seeks to develop efficient algorithm for mining multi-domain subspace clusters from multiple datasets. Applications are from Bioinformatics and some other domains. Faris Alqadah's Ph.D. dissertation and Aditya Sinha's M.S. thesis are related to this research direction.

2. Reverse K-Means Clustering: This project seeks to develop a reverse K-means algorithms for clustering. Zhen Hu's Ph.D. dissertation and Nidhi Gupta's MS thesis are in this area.

3. Multi Agent Coordination: In this project we are seeking to develop algorithms for coordinated actions by multiple independent robots. Harmandeep Kaur, Sharon Joseph, and Rabindra pannu are doing their MS thesis research in this area.

4. Spatio-Temporal Data Mining: In this project we are developing efficient algorithms for mining spatio-temporal patterns from 3-dimensional grid datasets. Abhishek Sharma's Ph.D. dissertation is in this research area.

Students in Machine Intelligence Laboratory