Welcome to the website of ECES 753: Topics in Quantum Computing
The class meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 11-12.15 in room 309 Braunstein.

Download here the pdf version of the syllabus for "Special Topics in Quantum Computing", ECES 753:

The topics to be covered in class will include Quantum Fourier Transform
and some excursions in Number Theory which are prerequisite to the Shor algorithm.
This algorithm will be covered in detail and will be illustrated on some specific
examples. We will then have a few lectures on the concept of entropy and its use
for information processing. We will then cover quantum-error correcting codes.

The faculty involved in the development of the classes are
  • M. Cahay (ECECS Dept) - phone: 64754
  • C. Purdy (ECECS Dept) - phone: 61810
  • G. Purdy (ECECS Dept) - phone: 61811
  • A. Ralescu (ECECS Dept) - phone: 64752
  • P. Esposito (Physics) - phone: 60636
  • P. Argyres (Physics) - phone: 60459

    Classnotes will be distributed in class or posted on the web.
    The grading for this class will be based on class attendance and on a project.
    The selection of the different projects will be done in the first ten days of the quarter.
    Each student or group of students will be responsible for maintaining a webpage where they
    will create some links to other webpages related to their specific project.
    The projects are listed below with the team member names.

  • Team 1: Logan Mayfield: Grover Search Algorithm
    pdf file of the project abstract:

  • Team 2: Nick Vatamaniuc and Kevin McGrath:
    JavaScript for the Bloch Sphere and Basic Gates


  • Team 3: Nick Harth and Chiao-Ning Kao:
    Quantum Zeno Effect


  • Team 4: Greg Braun and M. Aziz Majid:
    Detail analysis of paper by G. Vidal and C.M. Dawson:
    "Universal Quantum Circuit for Two-Qubit Transformations
    with three control-NOT gates", Phys. Rev A 69, 010301


  • Team 5: Svetlana Strorenjas and Kevin Henkener:
    Java Applet for Fredkin, Toffoli gates, full one-bit adder,
    Examples from CD-Rom in book of Williams and Clearwater
    Numerical illustration of key theorems in number theory needed in Shor's algorithm