April 2007, NTC IEEE Nanotechnology Newsletter - M. Cahay, Editor

  • "Nanotechnology: Where are the error bars?"
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    IEEE Nano 2007 is around the corner (August 2-5, 2007) In Hong-Kong. Make your reservation now.
    Call for VP Nominations, Nominations for VPs for Publications and Technical Activities for the IEEE
    Nanotechnology Council (NTC) are due 15 July 2007 to the Council
    Nominations & Appointments Committee Chair, t.fukuda@ieee.org. NOTE: Self nominations are accepted.

    VP ELIGIBILITY: Must be an IEEE member holding the grade of Fellow, Senior Member, Member or Graduate Student Member.
    Must be a current member of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council Administrative Committee (AdCom) or a member
    within the previous 3-years (i.e., 2004 to 2006). Historic Administrative Committee roster linked below.
    NOTE: You have been identified as an individual who is eligible for these VP positions.

    TERM OF OFFICE: Individuals elected as either the VP for Publications or VP for Technical Activities will serve
    from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2009.

    NOMINATION SHOULD INCLUDE: A biography of the nominee of less than 200 words.
    Submission should include IEEE grade and involvement, qualifications for the position,
    and statement of your vision for the areas covered by the position.

    NOMINATIONS AT THE ANNUAL AdCom MEETING: Nominations are accepted from the floor of the annual Council AdCom meeting
    or by letter mailed to the entire Council AdCom, the officers and AdCom society representatives may make
    additional nominations.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON POSITIONS: Reference NTC Governing Documents available on the IEEE Nanotechnology
    Virtual Community at https://www.ieeecommunities.org/ntc.
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