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Starting January 2006, I have the privilege to continue in the footsteps of Gary Bernstein
who has been the editor of the IEEE Nanotechnology Newsletter over the last three years.
At the early stage of this new assignment, I will use a webpage with a display similar
to the one developed by Gary to insure a smooth transition with the previous newsletters.
I will ask your cooperation in helping me to make this newsletter as useful as possible,
especially to new researchers in the field of nanotechnology and more specifically for students.
I welcome your contributions to this newsletter, as well as your comments and suggestions.
Please send them to me at marc.cahay@uc.edu


Marc Cahay, Newsletter Editor
My homepage

2006 Volume 4, Number 1 (now available)

2006 Volume 4, Number 2 (now available)

2006 Volume 4, Number 3 (now available)

2007 Volume 5, Number 1 (now available)

2007 Volume 5, Number 2 (now available)

IEEE Nanotechnology Council

University of Cincinnati


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