Good Summaries

  • Austrialian Broadcast Company's feature article on Quantum Entanglement
    This is a really good article on quantum mechanics if your grandma wanted to understand it. There is a a brief section on Entanglement.
  • Entanglement and Causality by Physics & Philosophy group at Bristol University
    This is a good article that reads like a history book and is very comprehensive. Covers Relativistic Causality, EPR, Bell and Non-Locality, Relativity and Non-Locality, and Entanglement in Practice, and Bell Measurement. Definitely a good resource!
  • Quantum Computing - Entanglement overview
    A very thorough but brief overview of Quantum Computing. Has some very nice graphics to explain entanglement and bell states.
  • Bell's inequality test: more ideal than ever. By Nature
    Another good history read and relates it to modern experiments done to show Bell state's theorem.
  • A blurb about EPR Pairs
    A quick read for the laymen.
  • From Einstein's theorem to Bell's theorem: a history of quantum non-locality
    A more theoretical paper on Einstein's locality theory and his quest for a more complete theory and the significant role of Bell contribution in revealing non-locality of quantum mechanics.
  • Graphical "Proof" of Bell's Inequality
    A very concise explanation of Bell's inequality using visual representation.
  • Wikipedia Page for Bell States
  • Wikipedia Page for Quantum Entanglement
  • (Webpage) Generation of EPR Atom Pairs
    (Brief) ... the first realization of a controlled entanglement of two matter particles.
  • VERY good and exhaustive Stanford article on entanglement
  • Another very good Stanford article - Bell history
  • And another VERY good Stanford article on EPR history
  • Quintessential: Schrodinger's cat paper

    Very theoretical or practical articles
  • Quantum Entanglement and Bell's Theorem
    This is a very beefy article that you probably would have to devote your life to QM to try to understand. Very comprehensive.
    Two schemes for quantum secure conditional direct communication are proposed, where a set of EPR pairs of maximally entangled particles in Bell states. Demonstrates secure connections.
  • Distinguishabilty of the Bell States
    Very specific application for bell states. Abtract is: It is not possible to discriminate with certainity amoun ghte four Bell states if only a single copy is provided.
  • Quantum Teleportation with a Three-Bell-State Analyzer
    How a bell state analyzer would be used in a circuit.
  • Solid-State Circuit for Spin Entanglement Generation and Purification
    About as practical as you can get entanglement theory.
  • Quantum teleportation of Schrodinger's cat wave-packets of light
    The paper provides an efficient way to teleport Schrodinger's cat sates in a quantum world.
  • Calculation of Quantum Entanglement
    The paper details the mathematics behind Quantum Entanglement .
  • YinYang Bipolar Quantum Entanglement
    On the basis of YinYang bipolar relativity a theory for coherent quantum interface is presented that leads to equilibrium-based logically recognizable causality for various applications.
    Quantum entanglement with respect to the double slit interference pattern experiment is studied extensively.
  • Spooky action at a distance in quantum mechanics
    The non-locality in Q.M. is covered including Bell's proof considering the difficulty of experimenting this phenomenon and assessing of successful experiments completed.
  • Long distance Bell experiment
    Discussion of experimental implication of the Bell's inequality and its ties with EPR paradox.
  • Violation of Bell's Inequality under Strict Einstein Locality Conditions
    Experimental evaluation between the incompatibility between EPR and Bell's inequality.
  • (Paper) The Subtleties of Entanglement and its Role in Quantum Information Theory - Rob Clifton
    (Brief) ...[The] aim is simply to raise some questions about entanglement that spring naturally from certain developments in quantum information theory...
  • (Paper) Distillation of vacuum entanglement to EPR pairs - Benni Reznik
    (Brief) ...Therefore, in principle, teleportation and other entanglement assisted quantum communication tasks can rely on the vacuum alone as a resource for entanglement.
  • Einstein's Boxes - the thought experiment that started it all

    Good Videos
  • Quantum Teleportation - Short Description
    This is a explanation how Bell State Measurement relates to Quantum Teleportation
  • Quantum Entanglement - The Weirdness Of Quantum Mechanics
    Explanation on Quantum Entanglement theory. Once you get past the narcotic intro, it was helpful to represent it in video.
  • Schrodinger's Cat - Sixty Symbols
    This video contains discussion of Schrodinger's Cat though experiment by various scientist from different fields.
  • Schrodinger's Cat
    The video provides a condensed and simple explanation of Schrodinger's Cat.
  • Leonard Susskind's Lectures on Quantum Entanglements
    A collection of lectures on Quantum Entanglement taught by a well renowned professor of physics at Stanford University.