--- Quantum Gates and Circuits ---
Edited by Brandon Bright, Mark Holdsworth, and Adam Yager

Novice Readers: Basic and Easy to Learn Information

  • Quantum Gates (wikipedia)
  • Quantum Circuits (wikipedia)
  • Quantum Gates and Basic Learning (PPT DL)
  • Simple Quantum Gates
  • Quantum Gates Hardware Implementation
  • Quantum Computing Gates and Circuits
  • History of Quantum Computing
  • Videos on Quantum Gates (Youtube)
  • Quantum Gate Lecture
  • Quantum Gates and Circuits (PDF DL)
  • Quantum Computing Book (Google Book)

    Intermediate Readers: Broader Knowledge of the Topics

  • New Phase in Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Circuit Model
  • Quantum Circuits for OR and AND of OR's
  • Quantum Computing for Circuits in Mathematica (Youtube)
  • Quantum Logic Gates Miniaturized
  • Brief History
  • Quantum Circuit Information
  • Drawing Q-Circuits
  • Hardware Circuits and Overall Quantum Computing
  • Logic With Quantum Dots
  • Quantum Logic Gate Lights Up
  • Hardware Info
  • Quantum Circuit (PPT DL)
  • Quantum Circuit Decomposition

    Experienced Readers: Abstract Papers and Theories

  • Quantum Circuits for General Multiqubit Gates
  • Synthesis of Quantum Logic Circuits
  • Quantum Circuits with Unbounded Fan-Out
  • Historical Bibliography of Quantum Computing
  • Microscope sketches quantum circuits
  • Nano-Scale Schottky Gate Control
  • Quantum Computation Research
  • Quantum Circuit Simplification (PDF DL)
  • Memory Using Microwave-Dressed States

    Miscellaneous: Pictures used in Physical Report

  • Report Cover Page
  • Qubit Picture
  • CNOT & Toffoli Picture
  • Dilbert Comic Picture
  • Dr. Marc Cahay's Notes