RF Magnetron Sputtering of LaS thin films of InP substrates ( With (100) orientation).

Send an email to marc.cahay@uc.edu A detailed account of the deposition of various thin films of rare-earth sulfides (LaS,NdS) on Si, GaAs, and InP substrates is given in Y. Modukuru, J. Thachery, M. Cahay, and P. Boolchand, "Growth and Characterization of LaS and NdS Thin Films on Various Substrates", pp.365-383, Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Cold Cathodes, PV 2002-18, The Electrochemical Society (2002).
An example of a 1X1 micron AFM scan of a LaS thin film grown by RF magetron sputtering (a few 1000 angstroms thick) on InP (100) substrate is shown in the figure below. The RF magnetron sputtering parameters are indicated as an inset.

Below is a zoom on a smaller portion (between two stripes) of the 1X1 micron AFM of the LaS/InP Film shown on the previous figure.
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