Organic Spintronics

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Recently we reported the first organic spin valve made of a thin layer of Alq3 (about 20-30 nm) sandwiched between Ni and Co contacts using an array of pores about 50 nm in diameter and 5000 angstroms in length which were generated by anodization of an aluminum template. The latter is flexible and very inexpensive to fabricate. A complete description of the spin valve fabrication was reported recently in the journal Nature-Nanotechnology
S. Pramanik, C.-G. Stefanita, S. Bandyopadhyay, N. Harth, K. Garre, and M. Cahay "Spin relaxation in organic spin valves", Nature-nanotechnology, March 2007.
Some of the research was also described in some recent press release.
Physorg website
Below are a few pictures of Kalyan Garre and M. Cahay in the laboratory at UC where the organic spin valves were fabricated.
From left to right:
M. Cahay in front of a poster showing some of the research with alumina templates.
K. Garre and M. Cahay next to the deposition chamber were the various layers of the spin valve were deposited.
Kalyan Garre fixing the boat in which the various materials are places prior to thermal evaporation.
One of the alumina template about one square inch on a side. Only the central circular region is used for fabrication.
M. Cahay holding one of the final device. The alumina templates are flexible.

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