Two new Classes on QUANTUM COMPUTING were developed at UC during the Academic Year 2003-2004.

Early 2002, several faculty members in the ECECS Dept. and Physics Department at UC engaged in a joint venture to train undergraduate and graduate students at UC in the rapidly burgeoning field of Quantum Computing. The list of the faculty involved and a link to their website is given below. One class on quantum computing has been offered at UC ever since: ECES 622 (Introduction to Quantum Computing, also listed as PHYS-622) in the Winter quarter. Sometimes, it is followed by ECES 753 (Special Topics in Quantum Computing, also listed as PHYS-623). Given below are links to several websites dealing with the topics of Quantum Computing. If you have any comments about this website, feel free to send an email to

The faculty involved in the development of the classes are

  • M. Cahay (ECECS Dept) - phone: 64754
  • C. Purdy (ECECS Dept) - phone: 61810
  • G. Purdy (ECECS Dept) - phone: 61811
  • A. Ralescu (ECECS Dept) - phone: 64752
  • P. Esposito (Physics) - phone: 60636
  • P. Argyres (Physics) - phone: 60459
  • B. Goodman (Physics) - phone: 60537

    Classnotes - Homeworks and Related Materials:

    !!!!!!!!!!CLASSROOM HAS BEEN SWITCHED TO BA 643 starting FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Homework 1. Due via email by Jan.13 by 5p.m
    Now that you had a brief intro to the field of quantum computing,
    choose ONLY ONE of the 14 topics (or another topic of interest) and do a web search
    to find some new links on that topics. Upgrade the corresponding html file
    to list the new sites and send me the copy of your new .html file.
    I will then upload your .html file on my webpage.

    Starting with hwk2 (see link below) you will work homeworks as a team. Considereing the large number of students in the class, please form teams of 3 people and send me an email with the list of the people and their email addresses as soon as possible. Keep the same team for all hwks or assigned projects
  • Syllabus and Homeworks
  • Suggested Reading
  • First Lecture notes
  • Ieee Potential article on Quantum Computers
  • Feynman lecture on "There is plenty of room at the bottom"
  • Extra notes on an intro to the Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm"
  • Second Lecture notes
  • Lectures 3 and 4
  • Lecture 5
  • Lecture 6
  • Lecture on Outer Product
  • Lecture on Tensor Product
  • Lecture on Operators
  • Lecture on Heisenberg Uncertainty relation
  • Lecture on Bloch sphere
  • Lecture on Power of Quantum Computing
  • Lecture on CNOT gate
  • Lecture on Teleporation
  • Lecture on Generalized CNT gate, Deutsch, and Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm
  • Lecture on Simon's periodicity algorithm
  • Lecture on Grover algorithm
  • Lecture on Bell's theorem
    An Entangled Web of crime: Bell's theorem as a short story
  • Lecture on Fredkin and Toffoli gates

    More on Quantum Computing at the following websites: We welcome suggestions for other entries. Please send an e-mail to
  • Suggested Reading
  • (1) Quantum Zeno Effect
  • (2) Quantum Cryptography
  • (3) Quantum Search Algorithms
  • (4) Quantum Gates and Circuits
  • (5) Quantum Teleportation
  • (6) Quantum Teleportation (Part II)
  • (7) Quantum cryptography-quantum key distribution
  • (8) Bell States/EPR (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) pairs/Entanglement
  • (9) Quantum Computing/Textbooks and Review Articles
  • (10) Quantum Algorithms (Shor, Grover, Simon, Deutsch, Deutsch-Jozsa, and others)
  • (11) Quantum Turing Machines
  • (12) Quantum registers
  • (13) Quantum computers/practical implementations
  • (14) Quantum information processing
  • (15) Quantum error correcting codes
  • (16) Quantum Fourier Transform
  • (17) Companies with interest in quantum computing