Sunday Aug. 7: 
11:00-17:00: Registration 
12:00-15:00: Tutorial 1: Introduction  to Reconfigurable 
             High Performance Computing--Dr. Karen Tomko
15:00-15:30: Break
15:30-18:30: Tutorial 2: Introduction to the Design and 
             Development of Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits
             --Mr. Prashant R Bhadri
18:30-20:00: Reception 

Monday, Aug. 8:
7:00-17:00:  Registration 
7:30-8:00:   Continental Breakfast
8:00-8:15:   Welcoming Ceremony: Sandra Degen, Acting Vice 
                  President for Research, University of Cincinnati
8:15-9:00:   Keynote Address: Emerging Trends in Circuits and 
                  Systems--Prof. Don Bouldin, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
9:10-10:30:  Student Paper Contest--Session A
10:30-10:45: Break
10:45-12:45: Student Paper Contest--Session B
12:45-14:15: Lunch
14:15-16:15: Technical Sessions I; Poster Sessions I
16:15-16:30: Break
16:30-18:30: Technical Sessions II; Poster Sessions II

Tuesday, Aug. 9:
7:30-17:00:  Registration 
8:00-10:00:  Technical Sessions III 
10:00-10:20: Break
10:20-12:20: Technical Sessions IV 
12:20-14:00: Lunch
             Myril B. Reed Award for Best Paper at MWSCAS 
                  2004--Prof. T. Hinamoto, Hiroshima University;
             Student Paper Contest Awards-Dr. Rob Ewing,AFRL Wright Laboratory, 
                  and Prof. Sam SanGregory, Cedarville University;
             Plenary Speaker: Microscale Sensors for 
                  Environmental Monitoring--Prof. Ian . Papautsky, University
                  of Cincinnati;
             Invitation to MWSCAS 2006, Puerto Rico--
                  Prof. R. Palomera-Garcia & Prof. M. Jimenez,
                  University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
14:00-16:00: Technical Sessions V; Poster Sessions III
16:00-16:20: Break
16:20-18:20: Technical Sessions VI; Poster Sessions IV 
19:00-21:30: Riverboat Banquet 
                  (YOU MUST BE ON BOARD BY 18:45 AT THE LATEST)

Wednesday, Aug. 10:
7:30-12:00:  Registration 
8:00-10:00:  Technical Sessions VII 
10:00-10:20: Break
10:20-12:20: Technical Sessions VIII
                  Panel Session: Challenges in Biomedical 
                  Research: Electrophysiology--Prof. Jeff Johnson, 
                  University of Cincinnati, Chair (Hospitality Suite)
12:20-14:00: Lunch
                  Plenary Speaker: Reconfigurable and Evolvable 
                  Hardware Systems--Prof. Chris Papachristou,
                  Case Western Reserve University                               
14:00-16:00: Technical Sessions IX 
16:00-16:20: Break
16:20-18:20: Technical Sessions X
18:20-18:30: Closing Remarks: Prof. Carla Purdy & Prof. Hal Carter, 
                  University of Cincinnati