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Welcome to the the CS GSA blog where we will be posting on topics relevant for the graduate students in the department. Feel free to leave your comments on any issue.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dr. Jerome Paul Farewell Reception - Thank You all

We thank all the faculty, staff, under-graduates and graduate students, who attended the event to honor Dr. Paul.

We would like to especially thank Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Berman, Chad Yoshikawa and Michal Kouril for sharing their thoughts with us; Dr. Bhatnagar, Dr. Carter and Teresa Hamad for all their inputs and help; and Dr. Paul's family members for making time to attend the event.

Finally, we would like thank Dr. Paul himself for all his contributions to our Department and to UC over the past 37 years.

Some pictures taken during the event have been uploaded here.

Do let us know your comments on this event.

-- CS GSA & Student Chapter of IEEE


Please let us know your comments on the event.

My family and I wish to thank all who were involved in the planning and execution of last week's retirement party. It was a very memorable event. The kind words from Ken, Chad, and, of course, Michal, touched me deeply. Thanks also to the kind comments received from faculty and students alike. I wish you all the best in the future.

Jerry Paul

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