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CS GSA Officer Bearers & Contact Information


Information about CS GSA committees for other academic years can be accessed from the archives on the right.

The CS GSA office bearers for the academic year of 2007-08 are:

President: Aravind Ranganathan
Email: rangana@email.uc.edu
Office: 805B Rhodes, Phone: 513-410-1508
Vice-President: Vaibhav Pandit
Email: panditvv@email.uc.edu
Treasurer: Nishan Weragama
Email: weragans@email.uc.edu

Secretary: Chunsheng Fang
Email: fangcg@email.uc.edu

Advisor : Dr. Raj Bhatnagar
Email: rbhatnag@ececs.uc.edu
The agenda and the activities of this CS GSA committee are listed below.

Activities and Events:


We aim to continue the good work done by the previous CS GSA committee (2007-08) and intend to be an active body for the welfare of graduate students in the department.Some items on our agenda include:

  1. At GSGA:
    - Represent CS GSA to maintain Travel Awards for members from GSGA
    - Address and Forward concerns of the members
  2. Social events:
    - Try to increase the limited funds by having fundraisers such as book sale, t shirts sale, etc.
    - Movie Night events
    - Other events such as Quiz, etc.
  3. Academic events:
    - 4th Annual ECE n CS Poster Symposium
    - Speakers from within UC (eg: SUN Ambassador/ETD), Other Universities, and companies
    - Collaboration b/w labs: Organize common seminars
  4. Other Activities:
    - Exam week coffee break
    - DQE Help for PhD students: Support group + Get materials together
    - CS GSA Website
          -- Latest News and Resourcses (Workshops, Grad School Db, etc)
          -- Forums (Buy/Sell/Borrow books, Polls, Address Concerns, etc)
          -- Individual Student Profiles
    - Regular update meetings with members
    - Pgmming & Technical Workshops
          -- Review sessions for courses / pre-requsites for crses
          -- ns2, matlab, etc.
          -- Creating your websites in gatekeeper, etc.

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