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End of Exams - Movie Night ("Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End") - 12/07/2007

The CS GSA organized an "End of Exams - Movie Night" event on 12/07/2007 with free food, pop and a screening of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End". More than 50 people from the CS and ECE departments turned up. See some pictures below.

Would you like another such event? Please give us your feedback!! If you attended the event, how was it? If you didn't, let us know why.

For comments, questions and opinions about this event, see here.


Event Pictures

The pictures have been uploaded in google picasa.

Question: How long does it take for 50+ computer scientists / engineers to eat 5 bearcat pizzas?

Answer: Less than 5 minutes.

Proof: See pictures (uploaded in picasa)

2007_12_07 CS GSA Movie Night (15)

(click on link to see all pictures)