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Dr. Dan Seiwioreck - Guest Speaker - 5/13/08


The CS GSA organized a guest speech by Dr. Dan Seiwioreck (CMU) on 5/13/08 and this event was funded by the GSGA, the CS Dept. and the Taft Research Center.

Daniel P. Siewiorek (dps@cs.cmu.edu)
Director Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Buhl University Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering & Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University.

Title: Virtual Coaches in Healthcare: A Vision of the Future

With health care costs rising astronomically and the number of aging increasing, there are not enough economic or human resources in the way of care givers to meet society’s needs. A confluence of technologies including miniature electronics, digital communications, human-computer interaction, robotics, and machine learning makes possible the creation of intelligent assistants that monitor and communicate with users, understand their needs and goals, and compensate for diminished capabilities as we age or suffer a disability. This talk will highlight some of the initial results in creating virtual coaches that monitors user activities providing reminders and advice to reach personal and caregiver goals.