Chunsheng (Victor ) FANG

Don't freak out. I'm just a guy that like computing and art. ;)


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As a computer scientist , my hobbies include making creative stuff, computer art designs, musical instrument, iterative animations with Adobe Flash, educational animations for engineers, etc.

Besides those computer related hobbies, I also love to travel, swimming, classical music (esp. Mozart, Tchaikvosky, Rachmaninov ), and a newbie with good sense to guitar and YAMAHA Keyboard !


Flash Animation

(Please use Flash Player 7.0 or higher)

This fun game is controlled ONLY by your body motions!

Own a video cam? Now try this game UI technology!


(Introduction to Fingerprint Recognition)

First Prize Winner, Flash design competition, USTC, 2005

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Best way to reach me is my Gmail : 'vicfcs'

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