Michal Kouril graduated with PhD in Computer Science at the University of Cincinnati in December 2006 and he is currently working for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in the Biomedical Informatics Division.

Research interests:

  • High Performance Computing, Beowulf Clusters, MPI
  • SAT Solvers - SBSAT
  • Application of SAT solvers in combinatorics -
    Van der Waerden numbers (W(2,6) = 1132)

Published Papers:

  • Franco, J., Kouril, M., Schlipf, J. S., Ward, J., Weaver, S., Dransfield, M., Vanfleet, W. M., SBSAT: a state-based, BDD-based Satisfiability solver. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2919, Springer, New York (2004) 398–410.
  • Kouril, M. and Paul, J.L., A Parallel Backtracking Framework (BkFr) for Single and Multiple Clusters. In Proceedings of the first conference on computing frontiers on Computing frontiers, ACM Press, 2004, 302-312
  • Franco, J., Kouril, M., Schlipf, J. S., Weaver, S., Dransfield, M., Vanfleet, W. M., Function-complete lookahead in support of efficient SAT search heuristics. Journal of Universal Computer Science, Know Center and IICM, Graz University, Austria, 1655-1695 (2004)
  • Kouril, M., Franco, J., Resolution Tunnels for Improved SAT Solver Performance. Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2005, 143-157.
  • Kouril, M., Paul J.L., Brief Announcement: Dynamic Interoperable Point-to-Point Connection of MPI Implementations. Twenty-Fourth Annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing PODC, 2005.
  • Kouril, M., Paul J.L., Dynamic Interoperable Message Passing. 12th European Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface Conference PVMMPI, 2005.
  • Paul J.L., Kouril, M., Berman K.A., A Template Library to Facilitate Teaching Message Passing Parallel Computing. SIGCSE, 2006.
  • Kouril, M., Paul, J.L., The Van der Waerden Number W(2,6) is 1132. Experimental Mathematics 17 (2008), pp. 53-61.



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