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Engineering Research Center
(ERC) 817,
College of Engineering and
Applied Science,
University of Cincinnati




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Latest News & Events

1. Yi Sun is going to intern at Sony Company for six months from November, 2013 to May, 2014!

2. Welcome Paul Zajdel, Jalal Raouf and Naser Inam to join our lab!

3. Congratulations to Pradeepta Panigrahi on his successful defense of his MS thesis entitled "Experimental Determination of key parameters in compressed sensing for different types of images"!

4. Zhen Jia is now doing an internship at InfoBeyond Technology LLC, and her research focus is data reconstruction on image.

5. Jin Quan is now working as a quantitative analyst in the Innovation Lab, Standard & Poor's Capital IQ, McGraw-Hill Financial.

6. S. Shivani Gundala is a research assistant at the U.C. Simulation Center which is in collaboration with P&G.

7. Pradeepta Panigrahi finished his internship at P&G. for a period of three months from June to September, 2012,

8. Tao Ma had an internship at Intel Inc. for a period of six months from Jan. to June, 2012, and his patent application related to image fusion has been approved by the U.S. Patent Office.

About Us

The Multimedia and Augmented Reality Laboratory in the College of Engineering and Applied Science is conducting research in the general areas of signal processing, image processing, non-destructive evaluation, computer vision and augmented reality. It currently has three tenured faculty members of electrical engineering, computer science and computer engineering and 7 Ph.D. students and over 10 M.S students. MAR lab research has been funded by the General Electric Company and other industry and federal funding agencies. The lab has graduated over 30 Ph.D. in the past 30 years. MAR has gained its national and international recognition for its research contributions in areas mentioned above.


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