Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

In Computer Science

The ECECS Department has an undergraduate Honors Program. Some courses taken as a honors student may result in a reduction in graduate degree course requirements. This allows students to complete a graduate degree in approximately one year less than would normally be expected.

The Honors Program is selective. It is designed to allow a few outstanding ECECS undergraduate students to participate in the graduate program while still in their undergraduate program.

This Honors Program is available only to University of Cincinnati undergraduates in the ECECS Department. It offers:

Students normally apply during their junior year and are accepted near the end of their junior year. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required. Application forms may be obtained in the ECECS Graduate Office, room 812A, Rhodes Hall.

M.S. Honors Program

The M.S. Honors Program is designed to allow an ECECS undergraduate student to complete the M.S. requirements within approximately twelve months of completing their senior year.

Students in the M.S. Honors Program can continue with the Ph.D. program after completing the M.S. degree or they can switch to the Doctoral Honors Program by meeting its requirements.

All the other M.S. requirements are given in the ECECS Graduate Student Handbook.

Doctoral Honors Program

The Doctoral Honors Program is similar to the M.S. Honors Program. It is available only to ECECS undergraduates. Student applications are accepted during the junior year and follow normal graduate application procedures. Students admitted to the program are awarded the title of Predoctoral Fellows.

This program is designed to facilitate the direct and timely pursuit of the doctorate by outstanding departmental undergraduates. The expected program completion time is four years after the completion of the B.S. versus approximately five years for regular students. As part of this program, no separate M.S. thesis is required and no M.S. degree is awarded.

Doctoral Honors Program students are required to have a grade point average of at least 3.6; and, have the clear, stated intent of pursuing their studies to the doctorate. Admission is awarded on a competitive basis to a maximum of three students each year. Admission is based on: academic record, letters of recommendation from the faculty, and the students potential for graduate research and study. Formal admission to the graduate program is awarded on completion of the B.S. degree.

The student's program of study is organized as follows. During the senior year, the student takes a regular program of undergraduate course work (39 credits plus any remaining humanities or social science electives required for the B.S.) As in the M.S. Honors Program, up to 18 credits of 600 level and above ECECS course work taken during the senior year may be applied towards the departmental doctoral course work requirements (75 credits beyond the B.S.) As a result, the Predoctoral Fellow must take only 57 credits of graduate course work. For research study performed under the research advisor for the dissertation, 78 credits of Thesis/Dissertation Research (20-260-889) are part of a Doctoral Honors Program. A total of 135 credits of graduate work beyond the B.S. degree are completed to satisfy university regulations.

As an option and depending upon the student's course load, during the senior year the student may take additional graduate level courses beyond those needed to satisfy the B.S. requirements and receive graduate credit for those courses. Also, during the summer following receipt of the B.S. degree, the student may take additional graduate courses to be applied to the course work portion of his/her doctoral program of study. Ordinarily, summer tuition scholarships are available and Honors students will be given priority.

Students admitted to the Doctoral Honors Program who, after entering the program, wish to complete the M.S. degree and terminate their program of study must satisfy the regular M.S. degree requirements.

All the other doctoral program requirements are given in the ECECS Graduate Student Handbook.

Financial Aid

Students entering the Honors program may be awarded financial aid (tuition scholarships and assistantships) on admission to the graduate program. Honors students are expected to be well qualified and are very likely to receive both types of aid.

Doctoral Honors Program students are normally nominated for either the University Distinguished Graduate Assistantship or the Ohio Board of Regents Graduate Assistantship. Both of these offer generous stipends that are substantially more than a normal assistantship. Currently, they are between $20,000 and $24,000.

This is an informal program description. Exact program requirements are found in the ECECS Graduate Student Handbook.


Computer Science students wishing more information should contact: Dr. Lawrence J. Mazlack,

last changed: 25 October 2001