Examination Instructions - Typical

The following are the instructions for the first examination . They will be formatted somewhat differently on the examination. The instructions for examination two and three will be approximately the same.



(1) All questions have an equal value.

(2) You may skip three questions. Cross out the questions that you wish to skip. If you do not cross out any, it will be assumed that you wish to skip the last questions.

(3) Questions asking you to provide an example require you to provide realistic data; i.e., names and relationships that have meaning. Examples must not be drawn from class, a class review session, or from the course's textbooks.

(4) In all cases where you are asked to display a normal form, your answer should contain the smallest possible count of separate relations.

(5) In all logical schemas, you must label relationship lines. Labels must be unique and meaningful. Where appropriate, you must underline key(s).

(6) You may not use more than 25 words to answer any question. If you do use more than 25 words, your score will be decreased.

(7) If you use pencil, your exam will not be considered for regrading.

(8) You may use a dictionary.

(9) Breath deeply before proceeding.

(10) Good Luck.