Lawrence J. Mazlack

Associate Professor
ECE Department
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio

This web page describes some of my interests specific to the University of Cincinnati.

Course descriptions are kept on a rolling one year cycle:
spring , 20011 | Semantic Web |
winter, 2011| Data Mining |
autumn, 2010 | Database Management Theory |
spring , 20010 | Semantic Web | EECE Seminar |

Spring gathering. Some of the people at it. Click on it for a larger image.
Fall gathering. Some of the people at it. Click on it for a larger image:

Applied Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Graduate research projects currently in progress or recently completed

Data Mining: Biomedical Causality

Ethan White

Multi-Modal Data Fusion

Data Mining: Text


Semantic Web: Reasoning

Pavel Klinov

Natural Language

Mohammad Rawashdeh


Semantic Web: Ontology Learning


Web Shopping: Airfare



Data Mining Through Dissonance Reduction

Web Shopping


Data Mining: Association Rules, Quantitative


Data Mining: focus undecided

Ye Chen
Zhaowei Ren
Shatina Ruff
Rob Keller

Text Summarization

Ben Bohache


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