Data Mining

Winter 2011


Presentation Schedule

(subject to change)

A Reminder:

When you present, MAKE SURE THAT YOU:

(1) Clearly describe the goals of your paper -- do this at the start of your talk,

(2) Have a series of small examples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(3) Try to use the same one or two examples throughout your presentation. Or, at least, have one example directly lead to another example.

(4) Every time you define something, show a small example, of what you are defining,

(5) When you have an algorithm, show each step using a small example,

(6) Only show terms that you can explain and provide an example for,

(7) Avoid using the board to show anything that should be part of your paper,

(8) Do not go back and forth between images to explain something

(9) Present only one idea at a time. If you wish to present multiple ideas on the same image, "build" the image up, one idea at a time.

(10) Avoid the use of articles: "a" "an" "the" -- they just clutter up your images.

(11) Avoid using light colours for letters or a dark colour for a background.

(12) Number your images

Some of the URLs may change. The citeseer site seems to be changing its coding scheme. You should still be able to find the articles using Google and putting quote marks around the title. If you discouver a change, please email your instructor with the new and correct URL.

Possible Papers:

You may choose from among these OR you may find your own paper. But, before picking one, make sure to read it and be able to generate a simple example from it.

If you choose your own paper, that is, a paper not on this list, Larry must approve it first. To be approved, the paper must have an easily understood, small example.

These are papers that have proven to be unsuitable for presentation.

last changed: 25 January 2011