Mei Mei (Ph.D.)
Research Area: Text Analysis.

Ulya Bayram (Ph.D.) co-advised with Prof. John Pestian
Research Area: Text Analysis.

Christopher diCesare (Ph.D.)
Research Area: Analysis of Kinematic and Kinetic Motor Synergies.

Brian Ervin (Ph.D.) co-advised with Dr. Ravi Arya                                                      
Research Area: Analysis of ECoG Signals.

Adedapo Alabi (Ph.D.) co-advised with Prof. Dieter Vanderelst
Research Area: Models of Spatial Processing in the Hippocampus.

Xiaoting Zhou (Ph.D.) co-advised with Prof. Jason Lu
Research Area: Bioinformatics and Complex Networks.

Jaswanth Yella (Ph.D.) co-advised with Prof. Anil Jegga
Research Area: Bioinformatics and Complex Networks.

Promita Mazumder (M.S.)
Research Area: Text Analysis.

Ankur Bhattacharya (M.S.)
Research Area: Social Network Modeling.

Mrinal Munbodh (M.S.)
Research Area: Text Analysis.

Adit Chawdhary (M.S.) co-advised with Prof. Anil Jegga
Research Area: Bioinformatics.

Ryan Hanzlick (M.S.)
Research Area: Deep Learning and Image Analysis.


Thomas S. Green (M.S. 1995)
Thesis: A Computational Model of the Hippocampus

Ying Huang (M.S. 1997)
Thesis: Quantitative Characterization of the Effect of Medication on Heart Rate Variability of Patients in a Critical Care Environment

Tirnelveli Anand (M.S. 1998)
Thesis: Using Hysteresis to Improve Performance in Synchronous Networks.

Ariel Friedlander (M.S. 1998)
Thesis: Alzheimers-like damage in a model of the hippocampus.

Shyamsundar Vaidhyanathan (M.S. 1998)
Thesis: A System for the Granular Processing of Sound Using Cellular Automata.

T. Durai Pandian (M.S. 1998)
Thesis: Error Control Coding and Dual Rate DS-CDMA Systems.

Jay Bohland (M.S. 2000)
Thesis: Associative memory on Small World Networks.

Shyam Sundar (M.S. 2000)
Thesis: Synchronization of Multiple Chaotic Systems with Application to Communication.

Simona Doboli (Ph.D. 2001)
Dissertation: Latent Attractors: A Mechanism for Context-Dependent Information Processing in Biological and Artificial Neural Systems.

Rajkumar Arumugam (M.S. 2002)
Thesis: SCRIBE: Self-Organized Contention and Routing in Intelligent Broadcast Environments.

Vinod Subramaniam (M.S. 2002)
Thesis: SOCRATES: Self-Organized Corridor Routing and Adaptive Transmission in Extended Sensor Networks

Xiaofu Zhang (M.S. 2002)
Thesis: Motion-Based Image Segmentation Using Synchronizable Neural Network.

Henri Leung (M.S. 2003)
Thesis: Self-Organized Construction of Spatial Structures by Swarms of Autonomous Mobile Agents

Sumathi Seetharaman (M.S. 2004)
Thesis: Self-Organized Scheduling of Node Activity in Large-Scale Sensor Networks.

Karthikeyan Swaminathan (M.S. 2005)
Thesis: Self-Organized FOrmation of Geometric Patterns in Multi-Robot Swarms Using Wireless Communication.

Prasanna Ranganathan (M.S. 2006)
Thesis: A Systematic Approach to the Self-Organization of Heterogeneous Sensor Networks.

Abhinay Venuturumilli(M.S. 2006)
Thesis: Achieving Robust Wireless Sensor Networks through Self-Organization of Heterogeneous Connectivity.

Payal Shah(M.S. 2007)
Thesis: Distributed Hebbian Inference of Environment Structure in Self-Organized Sensor Networks.

Neena George(M.S. 2007)
Thesis: Self-Organized Inference of Spatial Structure in Randomly Deployed Sensor Networks.

Jayaram Venkatesan (M.S. 2007)
Thesis: Modeling A Pattern-Recognition Approach to Postural Stability and Prediction of Workplace Injury.

Arun Prasath (M.S. 2007)
Thesis: Self-Organization of Geometric Networks with Heterogeneous Connectivity.

Amer Ghanem (M.S. 2007)
Thesis: A Modular Gene-Regulation Network Model of Artificial Ontogenesis.

Akhila Reddy Magam (M.S. 2008)
Thesis: Discovering Distributed Locomotion Algorithms for Self-Reconfigurable Robots.

Subramoniam Perumal (M.S. 2008)
Thesis: Stability and Switchability in Recurrent Neural Networks.

Patrick Olekas (M.S. 2008)
Thesis: Characterization and Heuristic Optimization of Complex Networks

Mithun Perdoor (M.S. 2010)
Thesis: A Neural Model of Motor Synergies.

Chandrika Sagar (M.S. 2011)
Thesis: Modular Context-Dependent Functional Networks for Associative Memory.

Suresh Vasa (M.S. 2011)
Thesis: A Spiking Neural Model for Flexible Representation and Recall of Cognitive Response Sequences.

Vaidehi Venkatesan (M.S. 2011)
Thesis: Cuisines as Complex Networks.

Nikhil Balakumar (M.S. 2011)
Thesis: A Computational Model of Neuronal Cluster Activity.

Srinivasa Raghav Vedanarayanan (M.S. 2011)
Thesis: Agents of Influence in Social Networks.

Laxmi Iyer (Ph.D. 2011)
Dissertation: Connectionist Models of Creativity.

Yan Liao (M.S. 2012) - jointly advised with Prof. Marios Polycarpou
Thesis: Decentralized Decision Making and Information Sharing in a Team of Autonomous Mobile Agents.

Mithilesh Salunke (M.S. 2012)
Thesis: A Computational Model for Building Modular Animals.

Anand Krishnan Balasubramaniam (M.S. 2012)
Thesis: A Computational Model for Building Modular Animals: Design and Configuration of the Decision Network.

Kiran Byadarhaly (Ph.D. 2013)
Dissertation: Synergistic Neural Models of Motor Control.

Brian Ervin (M.S.)                                                                                                          
Thesis: Neural Spike Detection and Classification Using Massively-Parallel Graphics Processing.

Jacob Haning (M.S. 2014)
Thesis: Feature Selection for High-Dimensional Individual and Ensemble Classifiers with Limited Data.

Ye Chen (Ph.D. 2014) - jointly advised with Prof. Jason Lu
Dissertation: Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: Learning Algorithms and Biomedical Applications.

Amer Ghanem (Ph.D. 2015)
Dissertation: Identifying Patterns of Epistemic Organization through Network-Based Analysis of Text Corpora.

Madhavun Candadai (M.S. 2015)
Thesis: ANSWER: A Cognitively-Inspired System for the Unsupervised Detection of Semantically Salient Words in Texts.

Aashay Vanarase (M.S.2016)
Thesis: CLAN: Communities in Lexical Associative Networks.

M. Furqan Afzal (M.S.2016)
Thesis: Reliable Storage and Recall of Aperiodic Spatiotemporal Activity Patterns Using Scaffolded Attractors.

Marwa Shekfeh (Ph.D. 2017)
Dissertation: MANILA: A Multi-Agent Framework for Emergent Associative Learning and Creativity in Social Networks.

Xinyu Guo (Ph.D. 2018)
Dissertation: Improved Feature-Selection for Classification Problems using Multiple Auto-Encoders.

Zhaowei Ren (M.S. 2018)
Thesis: Analysis and Modeling of the Structure of Semantic Dynamics in Texts.

Jaswanth Yella (M.S. 2018) co-advised with Prof. Anil Jegga
Thesis: Machine Learning-Based Prediction and Characterization of Drug-Drug Interactions.

Sarjoun Doumit (Ph.D. 2018)
Dissertation: IONA: Intelligent Online News Analysis.