ELTN 4083C: Computer Architecture & Assembly


This class has been partially merged with EECS 3026. The lectures are shared and will be held in the same classroom. Because of background and previous course training constraints, student assessement will be performed with different examations, a modified version of Project 3, and the removal of Project 4 from the assessment matrix.

The lecture notes and general materials for this class are available at this page. Furthermore the basic project descriptions are given there. This page will only document the project and student assessment variations for the ETLN 4083C students.


You will be expected to complete Projects 1, 2, and 3 and meet the deadlines specified in the EECS 3026 pages. You are required to complete Projects 1 and 2 as written. For Project 3, you are only required to map out the control signals portion of the solution. You are not required to develop gate level implementations of your design. You are not required to complete Project 4.


You will have exams on the same schedule as specified for EECE 3026. Your exams will be slightly different to reflect a reduced emphasis on gate level implementation.

Student Assessment and Grading

Student assessment will be performed in two parts. The first assessment determines if you pass or fail the class. For those students that receive a passing recommendation on the first assessment, the second assessment determines the actual grade that you will receive. Any pass/fail or audit student must earn the equivalent of a "C" grade in order to receive credit.

The assessments are to be evaluated as follows:

First Assessment: To receive a passing recommendation, the students must (a) earn aa average score on the exams > 40%, and (b) complete the Projects 1, 2, and 3 with at least 50% of the marks on each project part.

Second Assessment: After receiving a passing assessment, each students will be assigned a letter grade based on a weighted average (WA) score for all three exams and the three projects. The weights are are set as follows:

Final grades will be assigned according to the WA as follows:
  1. D: WA > 40%
  2. C: WA > 50%
  3. B: WA > 60%
  4. A: WA > 70%
I reserve the right to lower these percentage cutoffs.