Senior Project Descriptions

Some of these projects are difficult to describe in a one-way presentation, so you may benefit from talking to me about them. I have tried to organize them into categories for you to more easily browse through them. That said, I highly recommend that you take a look through everything. In any event, some of my preliminary project ideas are outlined below

Standard Product-based Projects

The following are product based projects where you I would expect you to conduct a product development cycle much like a company startup activity. That is, you would need to develop a basic market need statement, interview prospective customers to learn their interest and willingness to spend money on the product that you propose. It would be expected that this potential customer interviews would cause you to refine (and possibly completely redesign) the envisioned product.

Research Senior Projects

Each of these projects ties into one of my main research areas. You would be joining a team of students studying these, and related, problems. It is most likely that you will also be preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication from the work you would perform on these projects.

Related to Augmented Reality

Related to High-Performance, High-Dimensional Data Clustering

Related to High-Performance Parallel Simulation on Multi-core Beowulf Clusters