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Philip A. Wilsey

High Performance Computing Lab
Dept of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
P.O. Box 210030
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0030

I am an experimentalist working in high performance computing, parallel and distributed systems, and embedded system. I am studying the optimization of workstation services to better exploit multi-core and many-core processors. I have also been studying the opportunities that virtualization offers for optimizing guest O/S services to better support parallel applications. For a number of years, I have also been studying the application of feedback control to optimize distributed system operation. The focus of my investigations has been Parallel and Distributed Simulation (PADS) using optimistic synchronization protocols and in particular the Time Warp Mechanism. I am also working with the medical community to develop point-of-care medical devices to assist patient diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. We are primarily working to develop monitoring and analysis systems to help diagnose patients with stroke, mild TBI (traumatic brain injury), and other neurological disorders.

I am now residing the software repositories for my experiments as public repositories on https://github.com/wilseypa. I welcome any review and comment of the codes and ideas presented therein. Thank you.