Preparing Future Faculty in Engineering

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In the rapidly evolving fields of engineering and computer science, many graduate students have little opportunity to learn teaching skills necessary for success in an academic career or to become familiar with the many intellectual benefits of faculty life. Our two-year Preparing Future Faculty in Engineering Program is designed to provide potential future faculty in the engineering disciplines with the teaching skills and experiences to encourage them to give serious thought to an academic career.

Our program was established in 1999 as part of the national PFF3 initiative, with support from the National Science Foundation. Originally based in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science, the program dramatically increased the number of students in that department opting for academic careers and has since been expanded to serve students in all departments in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Designed to be "lightweight" in terms of time and other resource needs, the format is easily exportable to similar departments and institutions. The program can also serve as the focal point for many other initiatives aimed at better mentoring Ph.D. students.

A powerpoint introduction to our program can be found HERE.

More information on our program can be found at the "publications" link above. More information on other Preparing Future Faculty programs and on similar programs can be found at the "related sites" link above.

Any questions about our program or about this web page should be directed to Prof. Carla Purdy at carla DOT purdy AT uc DOT edu.