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Professor Emeritus, Electrical Engineering & Computing Systems

Email pattern: firstname.lastname@UC.Edu or lastname@CS.UC.Edu
Departmental FAX #: (001)513.556.2569

810-A Old Chemistry Building (ML 30), University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0030.

Telephone (513)-556-3094 -- but email usually reaches me much faster

Office hours Spring 2017: Mondays 3:35-4:35 and Fridays 1:15-2:15 - & by appt.


Research Interests:

Logic programming & deductive databases, algorithms for satisfiability, computability & complexity, formal verification, model theory.






Caveat:Class notes are notes, not textbook pages.  They are not thoroughly proofread, and they sometimes contain errors.  When going through the notes in class I will try to correct all errors verbally, but I do not normally have time to correct the notes afterwards. 

CS 6021: Mathematical Logic (Spring Semester, 2016-17)

For students with Disabilities

In case of mental health problems or crises

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Curriculum Vitae (.pdf)

Science is an Art, not a Science.
Two qualities of a good scientist:
   1.  A wild imagination.
   2.  A  very hard-nosed standard for establishing truth.

The more abstract the topic you are writing about, the more precise you need to make your use of language.  A grunt will often suffice for discussing sports; extreme precision is needed in discussing quantum mechanics or transfinite set theory.

Quiz: Distinguish among the meanings of the following four sentences:
   1.  "Only I want to eat asparagus."
   2.  "I only want to eat asparagus."
   3.  "I want only to eat asparagus."
   4.  "I want to eat only asparagus."
(It is irrelevant that, for me, all four are false.)

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