SBSAT is a state-based Satisfiability solver developed and maintained by students and faculty at the University of Cincinnati.

The latest version of SBSAT is available for download here:

sbsat-2.7b.tar.gz (current CVS version - June 14th, 2009).

sbsat-2.5b-5.tar.gz (beta version - Dec. 12th, 2006).

The SBSAT user manual is available for download here:

sbsat_user_manual.pdf (in progress, last updated Jan. 8th, 2007).

An HTML version of the SBSAT user manual can be browsed here:

SBSAT is used as the back-end of a web-based BDD visualizer, found here:

BDD Visualizer

A few publications relating to SBSAT can be found here:

Function-complete lookahead in support of efficient SAT search heuristics

SBSAT: a state-based, BDD-based Satisfiability solver